Words of Wisdom

(Last updated 2003-03-14)

This page contains a few truths that have applied to my life.

A thousand mile journey begins with the first step.

You can choose to see solutions, or you can choose to see doom.

Most men learn from their mistakes, a wise man learns from others.

Most men envy another man's success, a wise man learns from their good example.

Success can be defined as doing the right actions often enough, for long enough.

Power equals knowledge, knowledge equals solutions to problems, similarly ignorance equals problems.

Knowledge increases your options, thus your freedom.

Problems are solved by solutions. (Think about it! Action is required to solve a problem. A problem won’t just disappear by itself)

You are who you perceive yourself to be!

Happy workers equal happy customers (and not the other way round South Africa!)

What one man has done another can do again. (from the film "The Edge")

Don’t be intimidated by a huge challenge think of completing the first tiny step.

Life is a choice: Your life is the sum result of all the choices you have ever made.

Happiness is a choice. There is no rule that says you have to dwell on your failures or shortcomings.

If you are in a difficult situation, ask yourself, what would Jesus do in my situation?

It is better to blame yourself for the worlds problems and try to solve them, than to blame the world for your problems and do nothing about it.

Pride comes before the fall.