Programming Page

(Last updated 2009-01-05)

I program using Microsoft's Visual C++, most people find it intimidating but I love it. If you consider using it, just remember it has a very long learning curve but I think it’s worth the effort. I think the best choice for the recreational/novice programmer would be Java, which in many ways are superior to VC++.

Java is a cross platform framework, most of your mobile software is written in it!

WTL is a great alternative to MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes), WTL is the way MFC should of been designed in the first place. I wont ever use MFC again if I can help it.

I am doing a lot of wxWidgets programming lately. It is a cross platform C++ library, so your programs can be easily ported to other platforms like Linux or Mac OSX.

If you want the ultimate in seed, efficiency and size give Assembler programming a go. Yes you can write Windows programs in Assembler and no its not that difficult. Go to the masm32 website and download m32v10r.zip and you'll be programming in no time.


Some of my HP42S calculator programs HP42SPrograms.txt
The best site in the world for Visual C++ is Code Project
The Masm32 site http://www.masm32.com/
Download WTL here.