Kolumnz Game

This is a clone of the old classic game Kolumnz.
Kolumnz is based on a game xcolumns for the X Windows system, by Jay Geertsen of Hewlett Packard.

Play an online version here.
Stackpack is a similar Tetris clone.

Whats new

2014-05-23: Created a JavaScript version playable here.

2005-03-12: Update, prettier graphics, Open sourced, License under the GPL.

2001-05-04: Fixed minor bug. Sometimes the ini file did not load properly.

Object of the game

This game is similar to Tetris, except here you align 3 or more blocks on any plane.

Screen Shot

pic of game


Download Kolumnz Kolumnz.zip (64,820 bytes)
Download the source files for Kolumnz KolumnzSrc.zip (84,886 bytes)

If you already have Git installed, you can get the latest development version via Git itself:
git clone git@github.com:steelwil/Kolumnz.git

Send your patches and comments to William.Bell@frog.za.net