William Bell's Family Tree Introduction

Hello and welcome to my family tree.

Almost all the information I have received is from the family. This is typically the first phase of a family tree. Once this source of information is exhausted, the next phase would commence, where fees would typically have to be paid for archival services.

I use a free genealogical program called Gramps, it runs on the Linux operating system, unfortunately Windoze is not really supported but they are working on it!

One day, I just started filling it in and now I have hundreds of entries! My main area of interest is not so much the ancestors but the possibility of meeting second, third and fourth cousins.

If you feel that some of the information here violates your privacy let me know and I will remove it. I typically do not publish any contact information. Any information can be stored in the database as private, and will never be published.

This is a collaborative work and your help would really be appreciated!

Please send your updates, photos and spelling corrections or whatever to me at William.Bell@frog.za.net and do not be shy even if you think your information is trivial, remember disk space is cheap!

To generate this web site I export my Gramps database to a SQLite database. I then have some php scripts that generate the webpages. The code is availability under the GPL3 license.

Consider nothing on the site fact unless accompanied with references. Often the data only represents our strongest theories!

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