Major Religions

Updated 2008-04-19 18:50:20

A comparison of the 7 biggest organized religions.

This is a rather simplistic comparison and some concepts are difficult to explain in a few words. I am not an expert on world religions so (to be fair) I am either looking at removing this page or trying to correct some questionable points. Some groups have such wide beliefs it is difficult to categorize.

I would really recommend the Wikipedia links if you want to learn more about a specific group.

Adding references from sites endorsed by each group would be ideal. Help will be appreciated.

Religion Christianity 1 Islam Hinduism Buddhism Sikhism Jehovah's Witnesses (under review) Judaism
Size 1.9 billion 1.1 billion 781 million 324 million 25.8 million 15 million 14 million
God One God 3 parts One God All is God No God One God, the universe One God separate from Jesus and the Holy Spirit One God
Salvation By grace Works Works Works Works Emphasizes works Works
Relationship with God Personal No A Force or "The Universe" No revelation through meditation Through the Bible No
Reincarnation No No Yes Yes Yes No No
Resurrection Spiritual body Spiritual body No No No a new physical body Spiritual body
God as a Force No No Yes   unsure The Holy Spirit No
Prayer Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Jesus Son of God, He is God Prophet An enlightend one   a man Michael the Archangel incarnate Heritic
Hell Real Real No No Not a final destination. No Real
Christs Resurrection Real Faked - - - Not his original body Faked
Exclusivity Yes Yes No No No Yes 2 Yes

1. Christianity refers to Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Protestants and other Catholics

2. The article does not say outright that only JW's have the privilege of salvation.

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