Questions that have puzzled me.

If you feel that any of these thoughts contradict sound biblical teaching please let me know!

What makes Christianity different than other religions, aren't they all the same?

Well all other religions theme is basically the same. If you are good enough you will go to heaven else you go to hell or to a place that is not as good as heaven. Well according to the bible (Rom3:23) all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, and our righteousness is like filthy rags (Is64:6).
The point being nothing we as humans can do make us good enough. It is impossible. It is by the sacrifice of Jesus (who is Gods perfect son) on the cross that we become clean.

Another difference is that Christians have a relationship with God, they do not have to go through dead people, prophets or priests.

If God is so loving, why is the world in the mess that it is in?

Well this is a good question and this is how I feel about it. I believe God put us on earth so that he could demonstrate His love to us and that we could demonstrate our love to Him. In other words God wanted to create a loving bond. Love is a complex thing if you think about it, it involves choice, freedom, sacrifice etc. If God created us to love him automatically like robots, that would not be love would it? I believe that the only way God can create true love is by placing us in this hostile environment.

Adam, the first man was given dominion over the world. (Genesis 1:26) After the fall man lost his authority to Satan. (Luke 4:6). With Satan in control it is quite logical that death, sickness and destruction will come apon man.

How are some people able to see into the future and prophesise?

Well the most simple way and the most obvious is the technique that weather bureau uses.
People cannot predict the future any other way. People that apparently can see into the future don't really see into the future they get informed about what is going to happen in the future. I believe they get informed through the spiritual world, either by the spirit of God or by some other spirit. Lets look at Satan as an example of a spirit force than can inform these people.
If a prophecy comes from God it will be 100% accurate, because God is all knowing and therefore can prophesise 100% correctly. The best Satan can do is have a good, albeit not perfect track record.

Some people see/feel/call-up their dead relatives, what's going on there?

People underrate the intellect of Satan, they think he is some sort of badie in a fairy tale. Well let me tell you his intellect is vast. God's intellect is all knowing Satan's is almost all knowing. Satan uses his intellect to "see" into the future, in exactly the same way as the good weatherman does. We can deduce that prophesising is in many cases just a prediction of the inevitable or most probable.
I feel that while these can be true cases, I feel that demons can impersonate somebody. We read in the bible of Saul calling up Samuel's spirit. in 1 Samuel 28

My views on African spirituality being incorporated into Christianity

Jesus said "I am the way the truth and the life ..." and in Revelation there is a warning about adding or removing from the book. I say get back to the bible. It also says one cannot serve two masters.

Where does Jesus and the New Testament fit into things. Is Christianity just a Jewish cult?

Jesus come to fuful the law. (see Matthew 5:17)

If we look at the history of the bible we see that God makes covenants with his people. Before Moses there was only common law. The law of Moses come aftewards and Paul says that we are made conscious of sin because of the law. (see Romans 3:20)

How does God "speak" to a person.

In many ways. Through dreams, visions but mostly through His Word. If any "message" conflicts with the Word (that the bible) it is not from God. I have never litraly heard God I usually feel him. So you could say I hear with my feelings.

What motivates God?

Love, see John 3:16

Will science and religion ever meet?

Every year they get closer but they will never meet, because being a Christian is based on faith. God will never allow faith to be replaced by fact.

Do animals have souls/spirits?

I don't know. We do know God cares very much for animals, his whole creation for that matter. They are not under God's judgement and the can never become Gods children. There may be no need for them in heaven. If the garden of Eden was a mirror of things to come, and if we see God's fondness for variation, then we can safely say that there will be animals.

Abortion, cot deaths, and babies?

They will be judged differently. (see Luke 12:47-48) We can rest assured Jesus judgment is just. (see John 5:30)

Church what's it supposed to be about?

A Church is not a club. It's not a place where you pay a minister to preach to you. A church is more like a headquaters for Gods work. We are all part of a spiritual body, no one person can do everything.

Ok what if I see an alien?

Then know you have lost your mind. OK maybe not. We read in Genisis 6:2 that the sons of God married the daughters of the earth. These spiritual beings must of created bodies for themselves! So could it be that these evil beings are still creating "alien" bodies for themselves so as to deceive man?

Y3K has passed and scientists have finally created the first man made cell, now what?

God created us using knowledge, scientist should one day be able to create life too, but what they have created will be a mere biological machine. God creates LIFE which has spirit, and that no scientist will ever be able to do!

Does Christianity puts limits to one's freedom?

In Christ we have true freedom. (see John 8:33-36) John 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

What happens to the primitive man in the jungle who never gets the oppertunity to receive Christ

The more we are given, the more responsible we will be, so this man will be judged differently. (see Luke 12:47-48)

What does God want?

God wants to us to love him as our spiritual Father. See Genesis 5:24 and Genesis 6:9 and read about Enoch and Noah, two men who walked with God. They had a relationship with him and this is what he was looking for. God saved mankind because one individual touched his heart.